Charles River conducts a wide range of efficacy studies for veterinary and biocide products to determine antimicrobial activity. We conduct studies to assess the effects of antimicrobial residues on human gut flora, including in vitro model systems designed to monitor the potential for the development of resistance. We also conduct sterility, preservative efficacy and microbial limit testing, often working to client protocols.

Our experienced microbiologists offer bacteriology services to investigate the effect of animal feed additives on the shedding of zoonotic organisms, such as Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter, by food-producing animals.

As a result of the increasing concern worldwide regarding the spread of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, we offer a full monitoring service including collection and maintenance of zoonotic organisms and bacteria as well as data analysis, as required by the governing regulatory authorities.

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Animal Health Product Development Technical Book

Charles River serves the testing and regulatory needs of the animal health product industry by offering the full range of services to support development and international registration. (Available in the Source℠)

Veterinary Field Studies

As well as efficacy and safety, we can conduct certain dose confirmation and post-marketing studies in the field. Treatment routes have included injectables, intramammaries, water medications, oral dosing and in-feed medications.