At Charles River, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing the safety of potential new therapies, chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides using multiple disciplines, including toxicology, pharmacology, drug metabolism, toxicokinetics and chemistry.

Leveraging a global network of AAALAC-accredited preclinical facilities, we design and perform in vitro and in vivo safety programs to best characterize potential toxicity. Our staff of toxicologists, pathologists, veterinary surgeons, regulatory specialists and support personnel has a strong mechanistic understanding of drug toxicity, bolstering our ability to determine potential risk factors early in the drug development process.

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General Toxicology Studies

We perform general toxicology safety evaluation studies for the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and consumer product industries.

Phytotoxicity Studies for Chemicals

Phytotoxicity studies are conducted in terrestrial crop and non-crop species to determine effects of chemicals on seed germination, seedling emergence and vegetative vigor.

Skin Penetration

We provide both in vitro (OECD 428) and in vivo (OECD 427) skin penetration assays.