Our teams of experienced and carefully trained technicians can provide necropsy services at your facility. Members of these teams are trained in all aspects of necropsy procedures, including special tissue harvesting for biomedical devices (stents, implants, etc.), reproductive studies and PCR analysis. The teams are also trained in the use of whole-body or organ perfusion technology routinely employed in conjunction with neurotoxicolgic protocols or studies having ultrastructural requirements.

Necropsy services include:

  • Traveling necropsy team that provides support and training
  • Necropsy supervision from board-certified pathologists
  • In-depth understanding of industry GLP, regulatory guidelines and specifications
  • Specialized tissue collection, including whole-body or organ perfusion
  • Freezing of tissues for genomic or proteomic analysis and immunohistochemistry
  • Aseptic tissue collection techniques for PCR analysis

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