AccuGENX-ST™: Technical and Operational Benefits of Sequence-Based Strain Typing

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AccuGENX-ST™ is a technique that can be used to distinguish between closely related isolates of a microbial species by comparing moderately to highly variable DNA sequences. This cGMP-compliant single- and multi-locus sequence typing method is a more accurate, reproducible and cost-effective approach to differentiating closely-related microorganisms and is highly recommended as an alternative to ribotyping. Not only is there a high level of microbial differentiation available with this method, but the MLST and SLST raw sequence data are also electronically retained in compliance with cGMP guidelines and can be accessed for accurate trending, tracking and comparison. Given the reproducibility of these methods, they can determine if your probiotic strain is the same or if isolates recovered from one area are the same or different from another isolate – a trait that allows for high-resolution trending and tracking projects.


  • Christine Farrance, PhD, R&D Director, Charles River Accugenix®

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