2017 Innovations You May Have Missed

Last year, Charles River Research Models and Services launched numerous innovative new products and services designed to help save you time and money and better meet your growing and unique program needs. Read on for a recap of these offerings, and if you have any questions, we’d be happy to discuss them with you at 1.800.LABRATS (Research Models) or 1.800.CRIVER.1 (Diagnostic Services).

Research Models & Model Creation Services

NCG Mouse

NCG Mouse

If your in vivo oncology studies have hit a roadblock or you want to take them in a new direction, evaluate our new NCG triple-immunodeficient mouse model.

NCG/PBMC Select Humanization Kit

humanization kit

Combine the NCG mouse with pre-qualified PBMCs and you have the ability to create your own humanized mouse models on a schedule that fits your study timelines.

Model Creation


Now you can partner with Charles River to develop customized transgenic mouse and rat models that best match your study needs.

Rapid Quarantine


Reduce the normal 4-8 week quarantine period to just 2 weeks, allowing you to receive your animals faster to start colony development. Rapid quarantine is the fastest and most economical quarantine option available.

Diagnostic Services

Zebrafish Health Surveillance


By partnering with the Fish Vet Group (FVG), we now offer the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of zebrafish health surveillance and diagnostic testing services.

Microbiome Services

Enterobacteria grown on an agar plate

Our germ-free testing service is designed for evaluation of germ-free environments using aerobic and anaerobic culture of samples.

HemaTIP™ Microsampler

HemaTIP™ microsampler

Exclusive to Charles River, the HemaTIP™ microsampler makes blood collection for diagnostic serology testing faster, simpler, and less invasive than traditional blood collection methods (e.g., dried blood spot).

Infectious Disease Assays

science medical anthropotomy physiology microscopic section of human kidney tissue background

We have added several new PCR and serology assays to our comprehensive animal health monitoring programs: