2021 ARO MidWinter Virtual Meeting

ARO is the largest organization that supports the collaboration of hearing and balance researchers and scientists. So many topics are addressed at the annual meeting including research, diseases, and new treatments and development for hearing issues. Our scientists are active in this organization and enjoy collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers that focus or are developing products to support or effect the auditory system.

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The ototoxicity experts are supporting the ARO midwinter virtual meeting.

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Your Guide to Ototoxicity

Why does ototoxicty matter and what are the challenges? This brochure addresses these concerns, while offering advantages of these critical endpoints that drug developers should be considering while developing products that could impact the auditory system.
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Recently Published

Middle ear administration can serve many applications for different therapies including gene therapy. Our experts recently published their work on long-term middle ear catheterization catherization for repeat infusion administration and cochlear hair cell injury. Review the data in Toxicologic Pathology.
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Who are you trusting with your preclinical studies?

With more than 15 years of experience in conducting preclinical ototoxicity studies, our team has become the go-to lab for evaluating the potential ototoxicity of a compound. Drugs administered into the middle ear (or those which contact the middle and inner ear tissues), as well as drug classes that have demonstrated ototoxicity following systemic administration (e.g., aminoglycoside, antibiotics, sildenafil), should be subject to a thorough safety evaluation that includes functional auditory testing and relevant histopathology to assess possible ototoxicity.
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