An Overview on the State of Vaccine Formulation

Vaccines come in multiple flavors, from purified antigens to live, attenuated, or fully inactivated organisms/toxins, or DNA-based. Due to this variation, each vaccine requires its own unique formulation approach. In all cases, excipients are selected to not only preserve and stabilize the vaccine, but also to potentiate the immune response. Frequently, vaccine potentiation is obtained either by the addition of certain adjuvants or through the formation of nanoparticles. In recent years, the science of vaccine formulation has been approached through a rational design, using statistical approaches such as DOE.

In this presentation you will learn about the various formulating platforms for the different types of vaccines and some strategies for the rational design of vaccine formulations.


  • Mario DiPaola, Senior Scientific Director, Protein Characterization, Charles River

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