AALAS 2020 Virtual Experience

Even though we can't be physically together at AALAS this year, this site will give you the tools to learn, connect with other fellow attendees, support the foundation, and be inspired for the research you’re doing. Tour our virtual 3D booth, interact with others via live chat, and download Alex's artwork to help support the AALAS foundation.

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This year, we have partnered with the AALAS Foundation to tell the story of Alex, a patient that symbolizes the resiliency of the research community during the pandemic. Download Alex's artwork today and we’ll donate $5 to the AALAS Foundation.


AALAS 2020 Educational Participation
Charles River is proud to be participating in this year's AALAS Virtual National Meeting Program. Below is an overview list of our educational program. If you are attending this year's event virtually, we encourage you to participate in these great opportunities.

Special Topic Lecture

Creation, Care, and Utility of Humanized Mouse Models Speaker: Jenny Rowe, PhD
Charles River Ethics and Animal Welfare Lecture: 
Your Perception May Not Be My Reality: How Human Perception Shapes Evaluation of Animal Well-Being During Euthanasia
Speaker: Debra L. Hickman
Moderator: Patricia V. Turner


Update and Implementation of Exhaust Air Dust PCR Testing on IVC Racks: A Pathogen Screening Method for Many Vivariums, but Not for All Leader: Ken Henderson PhD, MS
Speakers: Cheryl L. Perkins; Kerith R. Luchins; Ken Henderson, PhD MS; Rajeev K. Dhawan, PhD

Panel Discussion

Challenges Credentialed Veterinary Technicians Face in the Field of Laboratory Animal Science  Speakers: Ann Murray; Victoria R. Elam; Jodi M. Ternes; Beth Ann Skiles; Julie A. Avalos
Six Degrees of Separation: How to Expand Your Network in a Meaningful Way  Speakers: Tasha Thomas, EdD, MS, CMAR, RLATG; Ann Murray; Luis M. Zorrilla; Dariyen J. Carter; Katie Coleman


Refinements to Intermittent Intravenous Infusion Procedures in C57BL/6 Mice to Achieve Study Endpoints and Improve Animal Welfare  Author: Velu Karicheti, PhD
SLAVT/BRAD Partnership: Accelerating Public Awareness and Acceptance of Animal Research Author: Ann Murray
Visual Aid and Demonstration for Estimating Blood Loss in Laboratory Animal Species Speakers: Riane Mansour, AS, AAS; Kevin Todd, BS; Julia McInnerney, BS; Leah Busbin, BS, LATG; Marnie Silverstein Metzler, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
Transcutaneous Buttons Improves Jugular Vein Catheter Bidirectional Patency Duration in LVG Golden Syrian Hamsters Speakers: Velu Karicheti, PhD; Richard Velez; Angela Burgei; Linda Bryan
Patency of Jugular and Femoral Vein Catheters Attached to Transcutaneous Buttons in Sprague Dawley Rats with Weekly Maintenance Author: Velu Karicheti, PhD

Platform Sessions

Development of a COVID-19 Multiplex for Serological Screening of Non-human Primate Colonies Speakers: Michelle Wunderlich; LaChelle Campbell; Rajeev Dhawan, PhD
Is a Sentinel Program Good for the Detection of Murine Chapparvovirus (MuCPV)? Speakers: Michelle Wunderlich; Bonnie Tedesco; Steve Jennings; Donald Nicholson; Sotirios Dayani; Ken Henderson, PhD MS; Rajeev Dhawan, PhD

Technical Trade Presentation

Humanized Mouse Models  Speaker: Jenny Rowe



Research Doesn't Stop

horseshoe crab

Alex wants to be an airplane pilot. Thanks to research, one day he just might. Living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the 11-year-old relies on a daily regimen of steroids to reduce inflammation and keep his muscles supple enough to paint, do his engineering homework, and play the video games he loves. For patients like Alex, research doesn’t stop thanks to the endurance and dedication of the lab animal professional.

His dad, Jim, knows this firsthand. As a Charles River employee, he is proud of the work that ultimately brings new treatments to patients, thankful for the people who are so passionate about finding a cure. "Hope begins somewhere,” he says.

Whether it's basic research, discovery, or safety and efficacy, what we do matters. Download Alex’s artwork for your next meeting background and help support the AALAS Foundation today to help ensure vital research can continue for patients like Alex.



7 Considerations When Restarting Animal Work
Presented by Guy Mulder, DVM, MS, MBA, DACLAM, Executive Director, Veterinary and Professional Services, Charles River





Rodent Surgical Models for Research During Pandemic Constraints
Presented by Velu Karicheti, PhD, Sr. Manager, Surgical Model Acceleration, Charles River





Research Animal Health Status Considerations Through the SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak and Recovery
Presented by Ken Henderson, PhD, MS, Sr. Director Laboratory Services, Charles River




Humanized Mice for Immmuno-Oncology
Charles River Product Manager Carina Peritore interviews scientists Jenny Rowe and Christoph Eberle about our newest strains of humanized mice. Watch and learn about the development of these valuable research models.


Making Sure You Have the Resources to Support Your Research Programs
If you are a director of a vivarium, chances are you are responsible for both regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. Is it more important to hit your research goals, or to focus on the day-to-day functions of the vivarium?

Gary and Roxanne: Looking for a Better Health Monitoring Methodology
This is a story about two managers at a research animal facility who are responsible for the health monitoring program. Traditional sentinel bedding testing is messy and expensive and the results are not always reliable. Is it their only option?