Commitment to Humane Care & Well-Being of Research Animal Models

Animals are essential to our understanding of disease progression and biological mechanisms as well as drug safety and efficacy. Before any drug or therapy is brought to market, there are regulations requiring testing in animal models to identify any health or safety risks as well as effectiveness. When animal models are required, the research is highly regulated to ensure responsible, ethical, and humane treatment. You can learn more about our commitment to the humane care and well-being of all animals that we work by reading our Animal Welfare and Humane Treatment of Animals Policy.

Facts about Animals in Research

  • Human and animal anatomy is comparable, with our organ systems performing in very similar ways.
  • Humans share approximately 99% of our DNA with mice, making them particularly effective models.
  • Approximately 95% of all animals involved in research are mice, rats, and fish.
  • Veterinary research also benefits from animals in research, providing medicines for companion and farm animals.
Humane Care Posters

Humane Care Poster: Follow the Example of One Man Who Set the Standard for CompassionOur humane care posters reflect our long-standing commitment to animal welfare and are available for download.
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