Animal Welfare Best Practices

Mechanisms to foster best practices include:

  • Active participation at numerous national and international scientific meetings to ensure we both obtain and impart knowledge about best practices.
  • Establishment of an Ethics Committee or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee responsible for each site. Representatives of these committees from all sites meet together on a regular basis to establish guidelines and identify and harmonize best practices.
  • Regular site visits by the senior members of the Animal Welfare and Training group to identify areas of excellence and facilitate sharing of this information with others.
  • Establishment of a network of Animal Welfare Specialists for all business units worldwide. These individuals are appointed by the CEO and work with the Department of Animal Welfare and Training on a regular basis.
Humane Care Posters

Humane Care Poster: Follow the Example of One Man Who Set the Standard for CompassionOur humane care posters reflect our long-standing commitment to animal welfare and are available for download.
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