When a new employee joins Charles River, he or she is welcomed to the company with an Orientation Program. A central message to new employees is our commitment to animal welfare. The new employee is asked to embrace humane care as a critical element of how Charles River supports accelerating drug development.

Employees learn about the 3Rs of animal welfare: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. They also learn of their obligation to report any animal welfare concerns and then sign a Humane Care Commitment after completing their orientation.

Formal training in animal welfare recurs at least annually. Employees with direct contact with the animals re-sign the Humane Care Commitment statement after each annual update.


A network of trainers helps to ensure that the diverse sites within Charles River are working together to raise the bar for the humane care and welfare of our animals. These groups meet regularly for advanced training, networking, discussion, case studies and other activities related to advancing humane care. The network reinforces the objectives of the Humane Care Imperative and gives our employees a local outlet for ideas, questions or concerns.

We believe strongly in providing continuing education opportunities to our network of trainers through retreats and workshops. These bring together employees from sites around the globe and reinforce our commitment to their development and to promoting best practices within the company and the industry.

We offer new hire training on the Humane Care Imperative and annual training featuring different topics related to animal welfare and humane care of animals. In addition to training, there are internal information channels such as our quarterly newsletter, intranet site and yearly all-hands meetings that keep our staff up to date on animal welfare, the 3Rs at Charles River, and latest news regarding the Humane Care Imperative.