Research Models & Services' Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability, one of the four pillars of Charles River’s Corporate Citizenship program, is woven into many facets of our global operations. This ensures that regardless of location or function, we continuously strive to identify and adopt measurable approaches to minimize our global environmental footprint.

planet earth inside a raindrop closeup on a green leaf

Within our animal production facilities, we have implemented several green initiatives focused on sustainable production and operations. Click on each of the tabs below to learn more.

Sustainable production focuses on the various methods, including breeding, packing, and shipping, that we employ to efficiently maintain our animal colonies while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Initiative Summary
Space Utilization Underutilized breeding rooms were populated with high-demand models, thus allowing our production facilities to increase their breeding and capacity efficiencies. This initiative has resulted in a reduction in structural footprint and energy usage, as well as lowered our inbound carbon emissions for key raw materials (e.g., feed, bedding).

Over the past several years, we have implemented key site-specific projects that have combined green technology with systems and equipment updates to further minimize our environmental impact.

Initiative Summary
Structural Enhancements Several production sites have undergone structural and equipment enhancements such as LED lighting retrofits, data center upgrades, and demand control ventilation installation that resulted in a substantial carbon footprint reduction.
Operational Waste Initiatives Several of our animal facilities have implemented measures to repurpose, recycle, and reuse animal waste. For example, by donating clean bedding waste to local farms for use as fertilizer, we minimize our waste to landfill and incineration.