Aileen Milne, PhD

Associate Director, Safety Pharmacology

Dr. Alieen Milne is the Associate Director of Safety Pharmacology at Charles River’s Edinburgh site. Her group has conducted over 100 regulatory studies on 40 compounds in the past five years. Alieen’s group has won two Global 3Rs awards (2014 and 2017) presented by AstraZeneca’s Council for Science and Animal Welfare for refinements within safety pharmacology studies. Prior to joining Charles River, she held positions as Pfizer, Syntex, Quintiles, and Aptuit.

Alieen received a PhD from the University of London’s Hunterian Institute and graduated with an honors degree in pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen. She is a member of the British Pharmacological Society and the Safety Pharmacology Society, and has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals on improved regulatory testing strategies.


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