Allysen Meymaris

Director, Discovery Services

Allysen has been in the field of research and development for over 20 years, working at several different companies in a myriad of roles. She first started as a research technician in the Biologics department for the Massachusetts Health Research Institute, and then in the Pediatrics-Immunology Department at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Her research focused on immunogenicity testing, Pertussis assays, and antigen presentation in B cells.

Allysen then worked as a Senior Research Associate for Hybridon, Inc. and stayed there for seven years working on various studies involving oligonucleotides and enzyme reactions. She then moved to Charles River’s Lab Sciences campus in Worcester, MA, and worked there for seven years as a research associate and later a scientist. She served as a product manager for method development, sample analysis with PK and toxicity studies, data interpretation, client communications, and staff training.

After a brief period with AstraZeneca, Allysen spent seven years at Agilux. As a principal scientist, she focused on PK/PD studies before heading to the operations side, where she fostered client relationships and identified service opportunities for their Discovery business. She joined Charles River for a second time in 2015, where she continues to do the same work with our Discovery portfolio.

Allysen has a Bachelor of Science degree from Framingham State University and is featured in 18 publications.

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