Andrew Hanneman Headshot

Andrew Hanneman

Scientific Advisor, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Dr. Hanneman currently serves as a scientific advisor for the Biologics division at Charles River Massachusetts. He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on mass spectrometry and glycoprotein characterization.

Andrew joined Charles River with the acquisition of Blue Stream Laboratories. He previously served as Associate Director of Mass Spectrometry, overseeing the mass spectrometry laboratory characterizing AAV, mAbs, ADCs, Fc-fusions, enzymes, synthetic peptides, VLPs, and related biomolecules, HCP, and tissue/quantitative proteomics. As Principal Scientist at Glycan Connections, LLC, Dr. Hanneman developed a sequential release protocol for comprehensive MS analysis of glycolipids, N-linked, and O-linked glycans from small biological samples.

Dr. Hanneman received his PhD in wood and natural products chemistry from the University of Washington, holds a MS in ecology from Western Washing University, and a BS in chemistry from the University of Washington.

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