Andrew Petticoffer

Research Scientist

Andrew (Andy) Petticoffer has served in the role of Study Director with Charles River-Mattawan Surgery and Efficacy Group since 2017, where he serves as the primary lead on orthopedic, joint/cartilage, and dental models for the site. In this role he is responsible for overseeing study conduct of preclinical efficacy and/or toxicology studies within safety assessment; overseeing protocols/study plans; coordinating with technical teams and overseeing data recording and reporting, all in accordance with applicable regulatory guidelines and contemporary scientific practice.

Studies he has conducted during this time have ranged from fracture models in long bones, drill hole defects, posterolateral spine fusion (PLF), mandibular defects, infection models, calvarial defects, and osteoarthritis models in species ranging from rats, rabbits, canines and sheep. In addition to his time with CRL,

Andy also has experience in both the medical device industry and academia. Andy spent nine years prior to joining CRL with DePuy Synthes Biomaterials gaining expertise while performing work involving study monitoring, micro-CT imaging/analysis, hard tissue histology, histomorphometry, biocompatibility, and regulatory guidelines. An additional four years were spent at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine acquiring a background in animal care and handling, as well as surgical procedures in small and large animals.


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