Bennett Varsho headshot

Bennett Varsho, BS, MPH, DABT

Associate Director of Toxicology

Bennett Varsho is Associate Director of Toxicology at Charles River Horsham. As a board-certified toxicologist with over 30 years of experience in safety assessment, Bennett brings together his scientific knowledge, animal welfare training and operational experience into a unique, practical perspective both to the company and its customers.

Bennett held several roles in the contract research industry including Director of Toxicology, Study Director, and Operations Director. In the nineties, he co-established and developed the inhalation toxicology laboratory at our Ashland site. He spent much of the last decade training in alternative and in vitro models.

Bennett has served on university science advisory councils and adult education programs focusing on developing new talent for the health sciences. A graduate of Ashland College in Toxicology and The Ohio State University in Public Health, Bennett is a baseball fan and like any biologist enjoys nature in all its spectacle.

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