Robert Dunn head shot

Bob Dunn

Scientific Director of Toxicology

Dr. Dunn received his PhD from St. Louis University and completed postdoctoral training with Professor Curtis Klaassen at the University of Kansas. Prior to Charles River, he held various leadership positions for investigative and discovery toxicology for companies like Phase-1 Molecular Toxicology, Pharmacia, and lastly Amgen, where he also served as safety science representative on project teams supporting neuroscience, metabolism, and inflammation/oncology. At Amgen, he championed scientific outreach to the local universities of Southern California, completing a three-year visiting professorship at UCLA, and giving numerous lectures on toxicology to graduate students and postdocs at UCLA, UCSB, CalTech, and USC. Dr. Dunn currently leads the toxicology expansion at Charles River Massachusetts, ensuring the delivery of superior science in safety assessment for novel therapeutic candidates.

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