Headshot of Brian Roche, PhD.

Brian Roche, PhD

Executive Director of Global Safety Pharmacology

Brian Roche, PhD is the Executive Director of Global Safety Pharmacology for Charles River Laboratories. In this role, he provides the scientific expertise and leadership on behalf of the Global Safety Pharmacology portfolio at Charles River Laboratories, which includes aligning best practices across sites, developing the Safety Pharmacology strategy, and representing Safety Pharmacology to sponsors.

Dr. Roche received his doctorate in cardiovascular physiology from The Ohio State University in 2000 under the guidance of Dr. Robert Hamlin. His research continued at Ohio State as a postdoctoral research fellow until 2002. Dr. Roche has more than 20 years’ experience in preclinical drug development, through multiple roles (researcher, Study Director, manager), with a focus on conducting research from early pharmacology through GLP safety pharmacology studies. Dr. Roche is dual boarded as both a Toxicologist (DABT) and Safety Pharmacologist (DSP) and has authored or co-authored 18 peer reviewed scientific manuscripts. Dr. Roche currently holds the position of Vice President on the Board of the Safety Pharmacology Society.