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Carolyn Schwedler

Research Scientist

Carolyn Schwedler is a Research Scientist in the Surgery and Efficacy Department at Charles River’s Mattawan, MI site. She is responsible for the overall planning and conduct of preclinical investigations within the Safety Assessment group, in accordance with applicable regulatory guidelines and current scientific practice. Carolyn serves as the primary lead on neurological efficacy and toxicity studies, including gene therapies, medical devices and combination products, and targeted drug delivery to the spinal cord and brain. She has conducted a broad range of GLP and non-GLP surgical and targeted drug delivery studies, and aids in development of new procedures to facilitate conduct of surgical studies.

Carolyn received her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and Master of Science degree from Georgia Southern University, where she studied freshwater fish reproduction and population dynamics. She joined the Charles River Mattawan (formerly MPI Research) family in 2011, and has served in the role of Study Director/Research Scientist for the past three years. Carolyn is an active member of the Society for Biomaterials.


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