Christine Farrance, PhD

Christine Farrance, PhD

Director of Research and Development

Dr. Farrance received her PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS degree in biochemistry from Cornell University and has over 20 years' of experience conducting both applied and basic research using molecular, microbial, genetic and biochemical techniques. Dr. Farrance has developed production systems for recombinant vaccines and protein-based therapeutics in plants. Her work has also included research in the food safety industry and in the mechanisms of infection and DNA transfer from "Agrobacterium tumefaciens" into plant cells.

Currently the Director of R&D for Charles River's Accugenix services, Dr. Farrance manages projects and priorities across the cross-functional team. She works with the Operations team to optimize sample throughput and assay performance, and evaluate process improvements. She is also involved in coordinating research studies, developing the technical content for marketing materials, designing and implementing technical training for customers and leading efforts in creating publications and presentations. In addition, Dr. Farrance provides her expertise to different groups within Charles River for interpretation of results, technical trouble shooting and evaluation of new technologies.

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