Daphne F. de Roode headshot

Daphne F. de Roode, PhD, ERT

Senior Regulatory Ecotoxicologist and Environmental Fate Specialist, Regulatory Affairs Department

Dr. Daphne de Roode currently works as the Section Head for the Regulatory Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Her time with the organization began when WIL Research Europe B.V. was acquired by Charles River. Dr. de Roode previously worked as a study director in ecotoxicology before transitioning to Regulatory Affairs working as an ecotoxicologist, senior ecotoxicologist, and environmental fate specialist. Her focus is on environmental risk assessment, dossier preparation, and evaluating agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Daphne graduated with honors from the environmental biology program at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the environmental chemistry program at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. She also has a PhD from Wageningen University. She is a board-certified toxicologist with the National Committee for Medical-Biological Research Training in the Netherlands, the Dutch Society of Toxicology, and EUROTOX. She has been published in internationally recognized journals.

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