Jean-Philippe Buerckert, PhD, Director of Bioinformatics

Jean-Philippe Buerckert, PhD

Director of Bioinformatics

Jean-Philippe (JP) Buerckert is a Computational Antibody Engineer and Bioinformatician with over a decade of experience in applied informatics and data science in the field of adaptive immunology.

He began his career as a Chemist graduating from the Kaiserslautern University in Germany, working on small molecule drug discovery against fungal grape vine disease (ESCA). Afterwards, he obtained his PhD from the Luxembourg Institute of Health developing computational and laboratory methods to decipher adaptive immune responses in the context of rational vaccine design, as well as antibody discovery using the transgenic humanized OmniRatTM model.

In 2018, Jean-Philippe joined the Belgium consulting firm BISC Global to establish their US based operations out of Boston, MA, gathering broad knowledge in the fields of computational immunology and bioinformatics. He consulted with over a dozen pharma and biotech companies before joining Distributed Bio as Director of Computational Immunology. He led a team of seven scientists supporting all efforts of antibody discovery and algorithm development, resulting in two record breaking years, and ultimately, the successful acquisition of Distributed Bio by Charles River Laboratories at the end of 2020. Now at Charles River Laboratories, Dr. Burckert functions as Director of Bioinformatics for large molecule discoveries heading the antibody engineering and R&D efforts in South San Francisco.

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