Headshot of Joe Cornicelli, Ph.D., F.A.H.A.

Joe Cornicelli, PhD, FAHA

Director, In Vivo CV and Metabolic Diseases, Integrated Drug Discovery
"I get to work on cutting edge therapies with some of the smartest people in the world at an outstanding facility," he says. "It just doesn’t get any better than that."

- Joe Cornicelli, PhD

Joe Cornicelli is the Senior Director of In Vivo Pharmacology for Charles River’s Discovery Services in cardiometabolic diseases. He originally joined the organization with Molecular Imaging Research as the Director of Inflammation and Cardiovascular Pharmacology Services. In his current role, Dr. Cornicelli is responsible for the content and scientific oversight for our products and services relating to cardiometabolic diseases, and for assisting clients with their drug discovery and development efforts.

Dr. Cornicelli trained at the University of Cincinnati, and completed post-doctoral fellowships at the Mayo Clinic Foundation, and Columbia University, where he also held an appointment on the research faculty in the Department of Medicine. He has previously worked for Pfizer as a research fellow working in atherosclerosis, inflammation, and metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. He served on teams that developed atorvastatin, troglitazone, and pregabalin, which eventually became marketed products.

Dr. Cornicelli is the author of over 30 publications, holds four patents, and serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals. Dr. Cornicelli is a fellow of the American Heart Association’s Council on Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, and a member of the American Physiological Society.

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