Joyce Chou, Research Leader, Cell Engineering

Joyce Chou

Research Leader, Cell Engineering

Joyce Chou has over 15 years of experience in antibody discovery as well as the pharmaceutical industry. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences and Management from the University of California Davis. Immediately after her graduation Joyce joined Rinat Neurosciences (currently Pfizer), where she worked with the in vivo team. Her role encompassed establishing in vivo models for pain, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases. After Pfizer’s acquisition, Joyce transitioned to the immunology group and focused on developing in vivo and in vitro assays to screen therapeutic antibodies for autoimmune disorders. In 2012 when Rinat/Pfizer became an immuno-oncology site, Joyce focused on developing and validating anti OX40 that went into phase I for solid tumors.

In 2013, Joyce joined Pfizer’s protein engineering group to expand her knowledge in antibody engineering and optimization. During that period, she worked on the humanization and affinity maturation of two major programs of Pfizer’s immune-oncology portfolio: anti-PD1 that is currently in Phase Ib, and anti-EGFRIII which is in the late stages of development. In 2018, Joyce moved to the new cytokine biology group where she established cell-based assays for identification and characterization of these therapeutics and examined their role in the tumor micro-environment.

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