Katherine Vousden, PhD

Katherine Vousden, PhD

Science Director, Large Molecules

Katherine Vousden started her science career as a yeast geneticist, obtaining a PhD from the Genetics department at Leicester University and then completing a postdoc at Sheffield University studying yeast cell-cycle mutants. She then moved to Oxford GlycoSciences where she worked on antifungal small molecule programs. In 2002, Katherine joined the Display Technology team at Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT; later acquired by AstraZeneca and rebranded MedImmune), using phage display to isolate and optimize antibody and other ‘large molecule’ modalities.

Over the course of the next 18 years, she gained a wealth of experience in protein engineering and the leadership of large molecule projects from lead isolation through to preclinical assessment and candidate drug nomination. Katherine’s last role at AZ was as an associate director within the Department of Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering, managing a team of 18 scientists with skills in assay technologies, protein expression, and antibody/biologic isolation and optimization. In early 2020 Katherine joined Charles River as a science director, with the clear objective to build Charles River’s expertise in the early discovery of large molecule drugs and to lead the integration of large molecule projects in this space.

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