Kathrin Zuberbühler, PhD, Associate Director, Antibody Engineering

Kathrin Zuberbühler, PhD

Associate Director, Antibody Engineering

Kathrin Zuberbühler received her PhD in applied biosciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). Her work in the group of Dario Neri focused on the development of vascular-targeting antibody drug conjugates and the application of phage display technology to isolate and optimize antibodies for the treatment of cancer and chronic inflammatory conditions. Kathrin then moved to Philochem AG, a spin-off company of ETH Zurich, where she worked on an antibody discovery program for molecular biomarkers. Awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, Kathrin joined the lab of Charles Craik at University of California San Francisco where her research focused on the generation of antibodies against complex membrane proteins.

In 2016, Kathrin joined Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. where she established the phage display antibody discovery platform as part of the newly formed antibody engineering and technology group. Kathrin headed the company’s phage display antibody discovery efforts for therapeutic, campaigns and implemented new technologies and antibody engineering strategies including panning approaches for membrane protein targets and library generation from immunized transgenic animals.

Kathrin joined Distributed Bio, now part of the Charles River family, in July 2020 where she is leading a team of scientists focused on antibody isolation and optimization.

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