Head shot of Kyle Kappeler.

Kyle Kappeler, BS, PhD

Director, Toxicology

Dr. Kappeler has over 7 years’ experience in the contract research environment with a primary focus in general toxicology. He has served as a senior toxicologist and study director for numerous organizations including WIL Research, MRIGlobal, and Citoxlab in support of IND, global registration, and food safety assessment submissions in accordance with FDA, OECD, US EPA, ICH and/or EFSA guidelines. As Associate Section Manager for the Biological, Animal Health and Toxicology group at MRIGlobal, he managed senior scientific staff, wrote proposals and advised study design development. Dr. Kappeler holds a BS from Mesa State College and PhD from the University of South Dakota. Dr. Kappeler oversees the conduct of all toxicology studies, supervises toxicologists and support staff (study coordinators, analytical and formulation chemists and clinical pathologists) and peer-reviews study reports.

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