Head shot of Lyn M. Wancket.

Lyn M. Wancket, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Veterinary Pathologist

Lyn M. Wancket joined Charles River as a veterinary pathologist II in late 2018. She has over five years of experience in medical device pathology, with a publication focus on musculoskeletal pathology and medical device models. Dr. Wancket is a board-certified veterinary pathologist (anatomic) and her PhD work focused on rodent models of systemic and pulmonary inflammation.

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Published Manuscripts

  • Wancket LM. Regional Draining Lymph Nodes: Considerations for Medical Device Studies. Toxicol Patho;47(3):339-343. April 2019.
  • Wancket LM. Bone and Joint Medical Devices: Methods, Models, and Regulations. Toxicol Pathol;45(7):925-930. October 2017.
  • Wancket, LM. Animal Models for Evaluation of Bone Implants and Devices: Comparative Bone Structure and Common Model Uses. Vet Pathol;52(5):842-50.September 2015.

Book Chapter

  • Alves, A., Wancket, L., & Metz, A. Current considerations in medical device pathology. In J. Boutrand (Ed.), Biocompatibility and performance of medical devices (2nd ed., pp. 489-543). United Kingdom: Elsevier. 2019.


  • L.M. Wancket. Medical Devices: A Different Pathway Towards Establishing Safety and Efficacy. Invited talk, Integration of Toxicology and Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development Short Course, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN. 2019.
  • L.M. Wancket. Regional Draining Lymph Nodes: Considerations for Medical Device Studies. Invited talk, Continuing Education Course 2: Medical Device Safety Assessment: The Frontiers of Safety Assessment Pathology, Society of Toxicologic Pathology annual symposium, Raleigh, NC. 2019.