Matthieu Carrière, PhD Headshot

Matthieu Carrière, PhD

Head of Immunology Department

Dr. Matthieu Carrière is the Head of Immunology at our site in Evreux, France. He currently manages a team of project managers specializing in preclinical toxicology studies relating to immunotoxicity, biomarkers, and immunogenicity. Matthieu previously worked as a study director for Texcell, where he delivered bioanalysis services for pharmaceutical sponsors and lead the immunoprofiling business unit. He was with Citoxlab before the company was acquired by Charles River in the same position he currently holds now.

Dr. Carrière holds a PhD, Master’s degree, and Bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology from Univerisité Paris Diderot in Paris, France. He did post-doctoral work with HIV research, conducting fundamental projects and monitoring clinical vaccine trials. Dr. Carrieré has been featured in several posters and publications.

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