Neil Williams, Senior Director for Immunology at Charles River Laboratories

Professor Neil Williams

Consultant, Immunology

Professor Neil Williams is a consultant for Immunology at Charles River Laboratories. He was founder and CSO of KWS BioTest Ltd., a recent Charles River acquisition, and also founder of Trident Pharmaceuticals Inc., and inventor of their novel T-regulatory cell modulating therapy. His positions have included Professor of Immunology and Research Director at the University of Bristol, and he has acted as a member of the Discovery Panel at Cancer Research Technology. He brings a huge depth of expertise in immunology and has led a range of programs aimed at the development of novel immune modulating therapies and vaccines for autoimmunity, inflammation and oncology. His expertise in drug discovery enables Charles River to act as true partners in immunology and immuno-oncology for their many clients across Europe and the rest of the world.

Recent Publications:

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