Robert Tavcar, BSc, DABT

Senior Director of Toxicology

Robert Tavcar is the Senior Director of Toxicology at Charles River Laval located in Laval, Quebec, Canada; a company committed to improving people’s lives through science. As an American board-certified toxicologist with 30 plus years of contract research experience in safety assessment both in pre clinical and early clinical drug development he has worked in toxicology, pharmacology, including drug metabolism and clinical research holding multiple positions. Approximately 15 years were dedicated to working in infusion toxicology and is an active member of SOT, ACT, BDRP and is the councilor of Industry on the board of directors of the STC (Society of Toxicology of Canada). The scientific (Study Director) group he is responsible for covers general, infusion and reproductive toxicology as well as pharmacology amongst other specialties.