Sulochanadevi Baskaran, PhD, Principal Scientist, Protein Science

Sulochanadevi Baskaran, PhD

Principal Scientist, Protein Science

Sulochanadevi Baskaran is a passionate Protein Scientist and Structural Biologist with extensive experience working on challenging targets in neuroscience and oncology. She received her PhD in Biochemistry at Indiana University School of Medicine focusing on the structural enzymology of glycogen synthase. Sulo conducted her postdoctoral research on the structural organization of protein complexes involved in autophagy at the National Institute of Health and University of California Berkeley. She began her industrial career at Denali Therapeutics and her team was responsible for the production and characterization of protein targets for early discovery campaigns and target engagement studies. She later transitioned to Frontier Medicines and was responsible for establishing a state of art protein science lab and managed protein and structural biology needs managing internal and contract research organization (CRO) resources.

Sulo joined Charles River Laboratories in 2021 and is leading the protein science group at the South San Francisco antibody discovery site.


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