Working Together

Every day, each of us plays a critical role in making a difference in the quality of people's lives. From our animal technicians and security guards all the way up to our executive team, we’re working together to support better, safer, and more effective research.

Each of us has a different reason for why we chose to work at Charles River. View videos from some select employees that shared their stories on why they love working at Charles River:

Jonathan Hill, Scientist, Analytical Development

For Jonathan, working in drug development allows him to solve puzzles every day. He recognizes that his work is part of a bigger picture that impacts people across the globe.

Kate Krontz, Laboratory Research Technician II

If Kate had a motto, it would be, “Learn from your mistakes and say, ‘what’s next?’” Kate is working towards a goal of finding safe, effective treatments for cancer – one that she takes very personally.

Crista King, Employee Communications Manager

Crista is passionate about connecting Charles River’s employees to our larger purpose. However, when she first started, Crista never thought her connection to our work would be so strong.

Pietro Giacalone, Internal Audit Manager

Pietro changed his life while working for Charles River. Shortly after he began, his facility opened a gym and encouraged him to take advantage of the perk. See how that flexibility has impacted his life, family, and career.

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