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Our mission is to establish mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse blend of suppliers that provide legal, ethical, efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to ensure a timely, consistent, and compliant supply chain which supports our global operations.

A note to our Vigene Biosciences suppliers
A note to our facility service and lab equipment maintenance suppliers
A statement for our suppliers regarding COVID-19

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We build sustainable relationships with our suppliers to help fulfill our operational needs, stimulate economic growth in the communities we serve, and satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders. Charles River maintains a database to identify new suppliers who have an interest in working with us. If you would like to express your interest in becoming a Charles River supplier, please email with the subject line “Expressing interest in working with Charles River” to [email protected].

If you are an existing supplier and would like to update your information in our files, please email with the subject line “Update our supplier information with Charles River” to [email protected].

On this page, you can find localized procurement terms and conditions and the supplier code of conduct, as well as further information you may need to conduct business successfully with us and/or our affiliates.

Supplier Diversity

Charles River is committed to the development and support of a diverse supplier base. Through our supplier diversity program, we enlarge our pool of innovative ideas and sources for high quality goods and services while providing economic development opportunities for diverse business enterprises, which include but are not limited to small, minority-owned, woman-owned, small disadvantaged, HUB Zone, veteran-owned, service disabled veteran-owned businesses, and Alaska native corporations (view the definitions).

We encourage the development and inclusion of all capable material and service suppliers. Our procurement organization, internal stakeholders, and others involved in the supplier selection process integrate small business into their business strategies and operations. We make good faith efforts to include diverse suppliers in sourcing events and throughout the supplier selection process where applicable. We continually strive to optimize our spend with diverse suppliers.

If you would like to express your interest in becoming a Charles River supplier, please email with the subject line “Expressing interest in working with Charles River” to [email protected].

As a good corporate citizen, Charles River is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. In 2019, we announced our goal to reduce our company’s scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2030, and in November 2020, we set an additional goal to reduce our scope 3 (value chain) GHG emissions by 15%, also by 2030. We’ve also set a goal to achieve 100% renewable electricity globally by 2030 and are a member of RE100. Our commitments to reduce our GHG emissions are Science Based Targets in accordance with current climate-change science, including the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as worldwide efforts to limit global warming levels.

As a supplier to Charles River, we are asking you to join us on this sustainability journey and commit to setting your own Science Based Targets to reduce GHG emissions at your facilities and throughout your supply chain.

PSCI logoIn June 2021, we joined the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative for Responsible Supply Chain Management (PSCI). PSCI is a group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who share a vision of better social, health, safety and environmental outcomes in the communities where we buy. PSCI member companies believe that collectively PSCI members can share knowledge and expertise, across our industry, to drive complex, global change more effectively than any one organization alone. We joined the PSCI to further promote responsible supply chain management and better business conditions across our supply chain.

The Charles River Supplier Code of Conduct very closely mirrors the PSCI Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management, known as the Principles, which articulate the broader pharmaceutical industry expectations from the supply chain. PSCI members, like Charles River, work with their suppliers to expand the market focus on five key pillars of social responsibility.

PSCI Principles

Figure 1: The Principles address five areas of responsible business practice: ethics, human rights and labor, health and safety, environment, and management systems. In each area, the Principles set out the relevant practices that any business operating within the pharmaceutical supply chain is expected to uphold. Graphic by PSCI.

The PSCI has also developed an Implementation Guidance Document, which further clarifies the Principles in each of the five areas, providing a framework for improvement and examples for how to meet expectations.

In May 2021, we began interacting with many of you to better understand our value chain GHGs via the Ecodesk Survey. The Ecodesk survey is in line with the PSCHI and is used by many other PSCI member companies within the pharmaceutical supply chain industries to engage with their suppliers. If you received this survey, please make every effort to complete it by July 31.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We hope you join us on our sustainability journey.

Where should I send invoices to be paid by Charles River?

Charles River suppliers should always have a purchase order (or an agreement to accept a credit card) in place before beginning work. Invoices may be sent to Charles River per the instructions on the purchase order you received. If you have not received a purchase order or your invoice does not match the purchase order line items, it may significantly delay the amount of time it takes for us to approve the invoice and post it for payment. Please email [email protected] for assistance addressing any invoices that are not easily aligned to a purchase order.

What are Charles River's standard payment terms?

Charles River has standard payment terms of net 60 days.

What are Charles River's payment terms for work performed without a purchase order?

If you have executed work without a purchase order, we will pay to our standard payment terms once we have approved the invoice. To avoid delays in payments, always ensure that you are working with a valid purchase order from Charles River.

What options are there that can reduce the timing for payment terms?

To increase flexibility for our suppliers, Charles River is happy to offer faster payment terms in return for discounted rates from key suppliers. Ask a Charles River representative about our Invoice Discount Terms options when registering as a supplier or before your next expected order.

Additionally, we have developed other innovative programs that our suppliers may sign up for to receive more rapid payment through one of our third-party partners. A full listing of the alternatives to our default net 60-day payment terms is included:

Invoice discount 10 days, net 60 in exchange for a 2% invoice discount Talk to your CRL contact or procurement representative All Now
Invoice discount 15 days, net 60 in exchange for a 1.5% invoice discount Talk to your CRL contact or procurement representative All Now
ePayment (Visa) from USBank An ePayables solution that provides electronic payment on net 30-day terms Supplier Enrollment Support / [email protected] US/CA/UK Now
ePayment (Visa) from USBank/Elavon Bank An ePayables solution that provides electronic payment on net 30-day terms Supplier Enrollment Support / [email protected] FR/NL/DE Target Q3-4/2021
USBank/Elavon Bank Supply chain finance Bob Scott / 470-374-2062 / [email protected] US Target Q3-4/2021
Orbian Supply chain finance Delvina Kolic / 760-891-2305 / [email protected] US/CA Now
Orbian Supply chain finance Delvina Kolic / 760-891-2305 / delvina.[email protected] UK/FR/NL/DE Target Q3-4/2021

Please note: If you select one of the third-party programs for shorter terms, you must independently register with our partners for these programs. US Bank and Orbian will contact us once your registration is complete, and the new payment method will go into effect. Until your registration is complete, your payment terms with Charles River will default to net 60 days.

What is the preferred method of payment?

The most effective and efficient method to ensure timely payment is via electronic funds transfer (EFT). To facilitate an EFT, suppliers must provide the following information at the time of new vendor set up or request a change to amend the current vendor master file information. Below is an example of the required information for EFT enrollment:

  • •   Remittance address
  • •   Electronic remittance/email address
  • •   Transfer protocol (e.g., ACH, IBAN, Swift Code)
  • •   Currency
  • •   Country
  • •   Bank name
  • •   Account holder’s name
  • •   Account type
  • •   Bank address
  • •   Routing transit number/
         IBAN dependent on location of bank
  • •   Account number

If you are an existing Charles River supplier and would like to sign up for EFT payments, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Requesting Electronic Fund Transfer Payments.”

Charles River is committed to conducting business ethically, responsibly, and with integrity. We expect the same from our suppliers, each of whom is required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the standards set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Any potential ethical or legal violations involving our business can be reported by calling our Charles River Helpline at 1-866-294-3699 or visiting No one will be subject to retaliation for making a good faith report of a complaint or concern.

Below are some of the resources that Charles River provides to our suppliers to help you and your employees maintain the highest legal and ethical standards.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Anti-Bribery Policy

Antitrust Policy

Conflict Minerals Law Statement

Privacy Notice

Global Policy on Safety and Sustainability

Statement Regarding the Prohibition of Human Trafficking

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy for Suppliers

Current Purchase Order Standard Terms & Conditions

Archived Purchase Order Standard Terms & Conditions

View Now

Global Vendor Quality Manual
English | Français Canadien

The Global Vendor Quality Manual establishes Charles River’s quality expectations for our vendors. We believe the requirements described in this manual are essential for the effective management of the services and products we provide to our clients.

Supplier Relationship Management

Charles River is implementing a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program, which provides a structured environment to maximize value and collaboration with our strategic suppliers. We are putting into place the tools and processes to foster continuous improvement for the mutual benefit of Charles River and our suppliers. We want to build on our most strategic partnerships in order to ensure we are a valued customer of choice. Strategic suppliers will have regularly scheduled touch points and scorecards to track mutual progress and success efforts. 

The Charles River SRM Program will incorporate the following goals: 

•   Define the supplier’s role in helping us achieve our strategic objectives
•   Adhere to fair and clearly-defined performance metrics
•   Create an open forum for operational improvement and innovation discussions  
•   Build the foundation to further improve our business relationships