Innovation in Drug Discovery

At Charles River, we are passionate about our role in improving the quality of people’s lives. Our mission, our excellent science, and our strong sense of purpose guide us in all that we do. We approach each day with the knowledge that our work helps to improve the health and well-being of many across the globe.

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Conversations in Science with Those Leading the Way

We are living at a watershed moment in therapeutic discovery and development. It’s a time of great promise and hope, even with the most intractable diseases facing humanity. At this pivotal time, we pause to celebrate the work of our partners and engage in meaningful conversation about the current state and future of scientific innovation and its impact on human health.


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Sanath Ramesh

Sanath was determined to track down the resources needed to repurpose a drug for his son Raghav's ultra-rare disease. Find out how his repurposed drug platform is now giving hope to other rare disease patients.
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Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuán

Through his drug discovery work at CHDI Foundation, a nonprofit organization, Ignacio fuels his motivation to uncover potential treatments and an eventual cure for this crippling transgenerational disease.
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Mark Kotter

Discover how Mark’s work in combining synthetic and stem cell biology provides stable supplies of human cell types for research and drug discovery.
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Every Challenge. Every Day. Every Step of the Way.

Meet Mila, Evie, and Ginger: Three reasons for why we do what we do

We don’t all have to work in the same lab to make an everlasting impact. We are biochemists, research scientists, and pathologists scattered across the globe, but working together to develop treatments that can save lives.
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