Our Scientific Posters from Neuroscience 2016

Neuroscience 2016 is a forum for Charles River scientists to showcase key findings from independent research and collaborative efforts with top scientists from across the globe. During this year’s meeting, Charles River scientists from multiple sites and scientific disciplines presented scientific posters either independently or collaboratively with our clients. Click on the title to view an electronic file of the poster.

Sunday, November 13

Drug and Biomarker Discovery in Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia

Mechanisms in Spinal Cord Injury

Parkinson's Disease: Imaging Studies and Connectomes

Animal Models of Parkinson's Disease and LID Therapy

Huntington's Disease Mechanisms I

Monday, November 14

Movement Disorders

Neuromuscular Disease

Synaptic Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease

Tuesday, November 15

Neurophysiological Approaches and Techniques

Inflammatory Mediator Function in Models of Neurodegeneration

Alzheimer’s Disease: In Vitro Therapeutics

Assessment and Modulation of Cognitive Phenotypes in Murine Models of Neurodegenerative Disease

  • Reduced Cognitive Flexibility and Altered Metabolic Profile in the Prefrontal Cortex of APPSwDI-Nos2-/- (CVN) Mice (601.08) — Video Presentation/Poster PDF
    Jukka Puolivali, Artem Shatillo, Kimmo Lehtimaki, Maksym Kopanitsa, Tuukka Piiponniemi, Tuukka Miettinen, Eveliina Vauhkonen, Petra Vartiainen, Antti Nurmi, Patrick J. Sweeney
    Charles River Finland

Blood Flow and Functional Imaging

Wednesday, November 16

Biomarkers and Drug Delivery Systems

  • Putamen and Lateral Ventricle Administration in Large Animals† (754.09)
    Julie Douville, Giuseppina Iacono, Frederick Emond, Claudia Foucault, Jean-Francois Lafond, Rene St.-Jacques, Christine Copeman
    Charles River Montreal, Canada
    †Title has been changed due to sensitive information. This poster is only available in the Source.

Neurovascular and Metabolic Coupling: Normal Brain and Stroke

Demyelinating Disorders: Human and Animal Studies

Molecular Techniques

Ischemia: Perinatal and Recovery