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Strain Division Area
BN Kingston K90
CD Kingston K97
CD Raleigh R04
CD Raleigh R08
CD Raleigh R09
CD Raleigh R10
CD Hollister H41
CD Canada C71
CD Canada C72
CDF Kingston K83
DAHL/SS Kingston K90
L/E Kingston K72
L/E Raleigh R06
L/E Hollister H43
LEWIS Kingston K71
NCI RNU Wilmington W9C
RNU Wilmington W08
RNU Hollister HS2
RNU/+ HE Wilmington W08
RNU/+ HE Hollister HS2
SAS FISCH Kingston K72
SAS SD Kingston K72
SHHF-K Kingston K98
SHHF +/? Kingston K98
SHR Kingston K83
SHRSP Kingston K90
WISTAR Raleigh R06
WISTAR Canada C62
WISTAR HAN Kingston K97
WISTAR HAN Raleigh R06
WISTAR HAN Raleigh R10
WKY Kingston K90
ZDF FA/+ Kingston K98
ZDF FA/FA Kingston K98
ZSF1OB Kingston K98
ZSF1LEAN Kingston K98
ZUC-FA/FA Raleigh R09
ZUC-LEAN Raleigh R09