Academic JumpStart™ Programme, Europe

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, academic institutions across the globe have seen an unprecedented disruption in operations and a dramatic halt in research activity. The pandemic has created challenges and difficulties for many researchers. We're here to support our clients and their important research, as we navigate our way to the "new normal."

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We have recently launched a new phase of our JumpStart™ programme, designed to help academic clients accelerate their start-up initiatives. The second phase includes unique special offers, COVID-19-related products and services, and new educational resources.

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Animal Model Evaluation Program

The Charles River Animal Model Evaluation Program allows you to assess the quality and compatibility of our animal models before making a commitment. Whether you have a new research protocol, are conducting or fine-tuning a pilot study, or simply exploring the opportunity to switch to a new model, this program can help you make the right choice.

2020 Short Course – Free, Virtual, and Global

The Short Course is designed to inform the biomedical research community of current trends and technological advances in the field of laboratory animal science. We look forward to offering you a variety of thought-provoking presentations. The 2020 Short Course will be offered in an on-demand, online format that allows you to continue your professional growth at your own pace.

In order to best support to our clients during this extraordinary time, we are offering the Short Course for free.



Charles River currently has two laboratory animal guidebooks available in digital format. These guidebooks are free to download and may be used by laboratory professionals to learn about best practices in infection surveillance of rodents and colony management of mice and rats.

Guidebook: Modern Strategies for Infection Surveillance
Guidebook: Mouse and Rat Colony Management 



Considerations for Obtaining Genetically Engineered Rodent Models
Research utilizing new rodent models of human disease is evolving at an incredible pace. How you obtain these models is an important consideration for your research, experimental reproducibility and scientific conclusions.


Making Sure You Have the Resources to Support Your Research Programs
If you are a director or manager of an animal facility, chances are you are responsible for both regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. How do you manage maintaining your research goals while focusing on the day-to-day functions of the facility?

Gary and Roxanne: Looking for a Better Health Monitoring Methodology
This is a story about two managers at a research animal facility who are responsible for the health monitoring program. Traditional sentinel bedding testing is messy and expensive and the results are not always reliable. Is it their only option?


Understanding Genetic Drift
An inbred mouse strain will naturally diverge into a genetically distinct substrain if its breeding colony is separated from the parental breeding colony for more than 20 generations.



ALZET® Osmotic Pumps
Learn more about the technology, benefits, and applications of ALZET® Osmotic Pumps.

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