Assessing Liability Before It's Too Late

Uncovering potential toxic pharmacological interactions and other off-target liabilities early in the drug discovery process is critical. Late-stage undesirable interactions and surprises can cause time delays, increase costs, and derail your program.

Charles River has a propriety chemoproteomics platform, Capture Compound® Mass Spectrometry (CCMS), that enables the identification of specific drug-protein interactions and the prediction of human toxicity liability. This analytical platform offers guidance of lead optimization and regulatory programs to help you choose the best development candidate through cross species comparison, tissue comparisons, and compound-specific biomarkers.

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Webinar | Measuring On-Target and Off-Target Drug Protein Interactions

In this case study webinar featuring Sarah Almond, MSC, and Gemma Hardman, PhD, learn how CCMS was applied to generate a comprehensive interaction profile including primary target and specific binding off-targets. We'll describe how we used to the platform to identify off-targets causing hepatotoxicity of Tolcapone.

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Technical Sheet | Selectivity Profiling of Bioactive Compounds in Support of Drug Safety

The principle of a CCMS experiment is a competition assay. This tech sheet shows how client partners receive a ranked list of potential binding partners, or ranked protein hits, for their target small molecule compound. Discover how CCMS can avoid toxicity liabilities during the lead optimization stage and deconvolute toxicity and identify novel targets in the clinical development phase.

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Web Page | CCMS for Target Deconvolution

Learn how CCMS technology facilitates the target deconvolution identification, optimization, and development to market of bioactive small molecules and the development of protein biomarkers. Learn how Charles River’s proprietary protein capture technology is used for phenotypic screening target deconvolution.

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Video | Measuring On-Target and Off-Target Drug Protein Interactions

Bioactive molecules have multiple effects. Watch this video for a step-by-step demonstration on how CCMS deciphers protein binding patterns in an unbiased way. Learn how the test candidate becomes part of the tri-functional CC-molecule, which includes a sorting function, a reactivity function and a selectivity function.

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