Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (AIT) – 2019 Annual Meeting Resources

The Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (AIT) conference brings together many of the world’s leading experts in the field of inhalation toxicology from a variety of backgrounds including respiratory medicine, CROs, the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, environmental and chemicals industries, regulatory authorities, academia, manufacturing and technology companies.

Technicians in Inhalation Room

In case you missed us at AIT or did not have a chance to view our poster presentations at the meeting, we’ve made online copies available for download at your convenience. Feel free to share this page with colleagues and let us know if any questions have come to mind since our time in Barcelona.

Studies range from acute to sub-chronic and chronic through to carcinogenicity. We specialize in unique inhalation toxicology endpoints (e.g., neonatal, reproductive, neurotoxicologic, safety pharmacology) and are experienced in the conduct of radiolabeled aerosol disposition studies. We offer a variety of physiologic testing that includes respiratory and cardiology evaluations, bronchoalveolar lavage, and pharmacokinetic sampling, as well as efficacy studies for pharmaceutical agents.

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Evaluation of Cholinesterase Inhibition of Carbamate Pesticide Administered by Nose-only Inhalation
James Randazzo, Michael Cockburn; Charles River Laboratories, Ashland

Capture Compound® Mass Spectrometry: Elucidating Off-Target Binding to Deconvolute Drug Toxicity
S. Almond, E. Bush, A. Cridland, S. Dowler, G. Hardman, C. Hurley, D. Kenny, I. Linney, N. Macabuag, D. Mitchell, P. Mitchell; Charles River Laboratories, Saffron Walden, UK

Early Derisking of API’s for In Vivo Inhalation Studies
Michela Bettati, Dita Davis, Claire Morris, David Pearson, Russell Scammell; Charles River

Inhaled Drug Discovery at Charles River
Karen Williams, Russell Scammell, Nick Ray; Charles River