Cell and Gene Therapy Development Video Series

Cell and gene therapies are complex but developing them doesn’t have to be. With unique entities, part of the challenge is not knowing the next step to take. In these videos, our experts describe critical considerations, key strategies, and the technologies that can make your program a success.

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Charles River offers end-to-end development services for cell and gene therapy research. The Charles River cell and gene therapy research scientists present various presentations sharing insights on our services offered.

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Pathology Evaluation in Tumorigenicity Studies

Learn how tumorgenicity studies can help you anticipate and overcome some of the challenges of advanced therapies with pathologist, Jimmy Tran.
Run time 10:00


Detection of Replication Competent Viruses in Viral Vector Products

Matthew Pennington, PhD, Scientist, Virology Department, Biologics Testing Solutions
Run time 14:01


Specialized CNS Endpoints

How do central nervous system endpoints affect the development of gene therapies? Our Head of Biomarkers and Molecular Imaging, Dr. Tuulia Huhtala, explains.
Run time: 3:30


ASO: The Essentials

Scientific Advisor Mike Templin explains the fundamentals of designing a nonclinical program for antisense oligonucleotides also known as nucleic acid-based therapies.
Run time: 12:00


COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapy Products - SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Assay for Biopharmaceutical Cell Substrate, Raw Materials, and Product Screening

Michael J. Hantman, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor, Biologics Testing Solutions
Run time: 17:04


Analytical Ultracentrifugation for Characterization of AAV Gene Delivery Vectors

Learn how the adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors used to deliver gene therapies are characterized from Christopher Sucato, Associate Director of our Biophysical Laboratory in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
Run time 20:17


Importance of Donor Management for Successful Cell Therapies

An effective cell therapy depends on reliable, repeatable source material. Product owner Jordan Hunter explains earn why donor management is critical to your program.
Run time: 13:57


Viral Clearance Challenges for Gene Therapy Products

Tareq Jaber, Senior Manager, Process Evaluation, Biologics Testing Solutions
Run time 15:20


Rapid Virus Detection Platforms for Testing ATMP Products and Raw Materials

Michael J. Hantman, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor, Biologics Testing Solutions
Run time 16:56


Mass Spectrometry-Based Characterization of Adeno-Associated Viruses

Andrew Hanneman, PhD, Scientific Advisor, Biologics Testing, Biologics Testing Solutions
Run time 14:01


Importance of Source Material Consistency for Advancement of Cell Therapy

How can one ensure a consistent supply of high-quality starting material to support the research, development, and commercialization of cell and gene therapies? Our Director of Global Cell Therapy Strategy & Innovation, Dr. Dominic Clarke, explains.
Run time: 11:43


Biologics Testing for Cellular Therapy

Steven Miklasz, MSc, CBA, Advanced Therapy and Key Accounts Development Director, Biologics Testing Solutions

Run time: 08:51


Gene Therapy Studies (AAV Vector): Troubleshooting Considerations for Viral Clearance

Amanda Budzilowicz, MS, Research Associate 2 Process Evaluation, Biologics Testing Solutions.
Run time: 14:13


Quick Guide to ddPCR

Keith Sutton, PhD, gives an overview of ddPCR evaluations that supports the development of cell and gene therapies.
Run time: 14:40


Cell Therapy Regulatory Considerations

Shawna Jackman, Senior Principal Research Scientist, reviews regulatory considerations for safety assessment evaluations of cell therapies.
Run Time: 11:40


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