Expand your knowledge through our scientific contributions.

With its many platform and poster sessions, seminars, and workshops, the AALAS National Meeting is a rich source of educational opportunities and stimulating discussions. Charles River is proud to support the 70th AALAS National Meeting with the following contributions to the program. We invite you to visit Booth 515 for poster reprints, additional resource materials, and to speak privately with our scientific staff.

  • Monday, October 14

    Panel Discussion

    Time and Room TBD

    Animal Nursing Challenges in the Research Setting: Communicating, Collaborating, and Coordinating to Achieve Optimal Health Outcomes for All
    Leader/Panelist: Chrystal L Montgomery, Mark Sharpless, Phillip N Sullivan, Beth Ann Skiles
    Moderator: Ann L Murray

  • Wednesday, October 16


    A Comprehensive Approach to Maximizing Facility Biosecurity and Animal Welfare Across Geographically Diverse Locations
    8:00AM | Room TBD
    Leader/Moderator/Presenter: Guy Mulder

    Rodent Infectious Agents: The New Unknown (The Impact of Metagenomics)
    8:00AM | Room TBD
    Leader/Moderator/Presenter: Chuanwu Wang

    Rodent Infectious Agents: The New Unknown (The Impact of Metagenomics)
    8:00 - 10:15AM | Room: Mile High Ballroom 2A
    Speaker: Rajeev Dhawan


    Platform Session

    Novel Virus Discovery by Next Generation Sequencing
    10:00AM | Room TBD
    Leader/Moderator/Presenter: Chuanwu Wang


    Panel Discussion

    Room and Time TBD

    A First Responder's Worst Nightmare: Your Vivarium
    Leader/Panelist: Tasha M Thomas, Mark E Moore
    Moderator: Ann L Murray

    Peer-led Outreach through Biomedical Research Awareness Day
    Presenter: Ann L Murray

    Nathan E Brewer Lecture
    Speaker: TBN
    Moderator: Ann L Murray

    Sponsored by: AALAS Awards Selection Committee