Attend our poster presentations.

Members of our scientific and professional staff will present posters to showcase key findings from independent research and collaborative efforts with top scientists from across North America.

Development of a Recombinant Antigen for Serological Detection of Antibodies Against Newly Discovered Murine Chapparvovirus (MuCPV)
Rajeev Dhawan, MS PhD

Humane End-point Refinement for Total Body Irradiation and Humanization of NCG Mice
Kimberly Jen 

Duration of Patency of Juglar Vein Catheters Attached to Transcutaneous Buttons in CD1 Mice without Maintenance
Velu Karicheti

PX: How Nesting Material is Provided Influences Barbering in Female C57BL/6: A Pilot Study
Carly Moody

The 3Rs in Oncology Research Training: Creation and Utility of a Phantom Training Tool for Acquiring Proficiency in Calipered Tumor Measures
Dr Marnie Metzler

Development of a Rabbit Enrichment Program and Contribution to a Culture of Transparency and Care
Dr Coralie Cannon