Charles River @LASA 2021

Welcome to our LASA 2021 resource page. Like many of you, we look forward to the times when we will once again be able to meet in person to share and discuss the latest developments in biomedical science. As the LASA Conference 2021 is once again a digital event, we're providing further digital educational resources here.

technician holding a mouse model

Our popular Guidebook series is now digital. From breeding practices to behavior and enrichment programs, these guides give insights into running an effective and humane vivarium. Don't miss our latest title, Guidebook to Rodent Model Genetic Quality Control.


We invite you to watch and share these short-form presentations. If you would like to see the long-form versions, or would like any of our other educational seminars to be delivered at your organization, please contact us.


video: Genetics of Research Mice
Jean Cozzi, PhD, Innovation Manager, Charles River | 11:58

The Genetics of Research Mice: from Theory to Reality

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video: Genetics of Research Mice
Kenneth S. Henderson, PhD, Senior Director, Laboratory Services, Charles River | 22:04

The Microbiome of Vendor Rodent Production Facilities and the Realities of Change

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video: ALZET Osmotic Pumps
Stacey Borland, Senior Product and Technical Advisor, Charles River | 2:49

ALZET® Osmotic Pumps

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