Charles River will unveil its newest CRADL™ facility deep in the heart of South San Francisco’s biotech hub on Thursday, January 23, 2020. A mirror to its sister facility located in Cambridge, MA, CRADL™-SSF is the ideal option for emerging or existing biotechs and institutions looking to expand their research and vivarium capabilities without building infrastructure. Explore CRADL™

Is CRADL™  the ideal solution for you?

Often times, research requires more than just vivarium services. While CRADL™ is managed by skilled technicians that ensure that each animal under their management receives the best in care in a secure, modern, and compliant facility, what truly sets it apart from other vivarium outsourcing solutions is the access to technical, veterinary, and in vivo support services.

Our turnkey modern vivarium space will be fully staffed by Charles River care technicians and veterinary and IACUC oversight teams.

Vivarium Services

Services such as general husbandry, technical study support (e.g., dosing, sample collection, etc.), in vivo support (e.g., optical imaging, model creation, histopathology, etc.), and equipment rental can be incorporated to further augment your research.

We can offer a variety of space and lease options depending on your study requirements.