Staffing and Training Support

Our vivarium services don’t have to end when your study has been completed, research has expanded, or increased funding and resources allow you to invest in your own research and vivarium facility. However, we realize that operating a vivarium and filling knowledge gaps while trying to secure and retain experienced staff can be a stressful experience for you. At this point, what will matter the most to you – meeting your research timelines and goals or focusing energy on the day-to-day functions of your vivarium?

Charles River's Insourcing Solutions℠ can fill your ranks with highly trained laboratory animal experts that meet accreditation requirements. Let us take care of the staffing so you can focus on your research.

How we can help


Integrated Drug Discovery

When you are ready to take the next step in your research, consider partnering with an industry leader in end-to-end integrated drug discovery experience. Our team of experts take a true collaborative approach to working with you to determine the optimum path to market that fit your program goals and timelines.

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