NCI Models

For over 25 years, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) contracted with Charles River to produce their research animal models. In 2014, the NCI ceased to maintain an animal vivarium, which ended our production agreement. Charles River subsequently assumed management and operational responsibilities for the existing NCI models and continues to breed and maintain those colonies today.

Models available to NCI grantees include outbred mice, inbred mice, hybrid mice, immunodeficient models, and certain Charles River models. In the event that the NCI models are not available at the specifications you require, we can provide equivalent/alternative options.

These models are produced under the same stringent biosecurity guidelines and humane and ethical treatment principles found at all of our global production sites.

Researchers using NCI models now have access to a wide array of surgical services performed by Charles River’s highly skilled surgeons, such as vascular and non-vascular catheterizations; soft tissue, neurological, and cardiovascular procedures; device implants; and optional accessories. 

Download the NCI grantee price list

Ordering Information

Our customer service representatives strive to make the research model order and shipment process as easy as possible for you. When you call our Customer Service Department, our automated phone system directs your call (by area code) to your customer service team. This allows you to speak with people who know you and your account.

Note: To receive NCI grantee pricing when ordering, you must inform Charles River that you are a grantee. We may request that you provide additional grant information to confirm your order.