The Race

For Logan, a Charles River scientist, Huntington’s disease research is focused around a repeating CAG gene. For Jenne, a young mother of two, Huntington’s disease research is hope. When Jenne discovered she carries the HD gene and only has a few years before she starts presenting symptoms, her world was turned upside down. Now she’s waiting while scientists at Charles River and CHDI Foundation race to find an effective treatment.

Charles River and CHDI Foundation has been working together since 2005 on drug discovery and development to support CHDI’s mission of developing novel therapeutics that will substantially improve the lives of those affected by HD. Together, Charles River and CHDI have identified novel potential drug targets, bred and validated translational research animal models, run large screens and generated proof-of-concept molecules, and evaluated the potential efficacy of both small molecule and biologic candidates in preclinical models of HD. The expertise developed throughout this partnership has helped more broadly facilitate increased HD research within the larger drug discovery and development community.