Map of directions from Boston to Charles River Worcester.

Directions from Boston to Worcester

Directions from Boston to Shrewsbury

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Prepare for your arrival with these health, safety, and security procedures in mind:

  1. You will need to provide a photo ID to obtain a visitor’s identification badge at the Reception area.
  2. Throughout your stay, you must be accompanied by a Charles River employee escort.
  3. Per our own OSHA-guided health and safety policies, any areas designated as hazardous are clearly marked for your safety.
  4. Your escort will advise the need for required protective attire or equipment. To enter a hazardous area, a visitor must be:
    • Accompanied by a Charles River employee trained in safety procedures appropriate to the area.
    • Appropriately attired in long pants, lab coat, uniform or scrub suit, closed-toe shoes, safety glasses, and a mask.
  5. Under no circumstances may a visitor enter any hazardous area if they are pregnant or have reason to believe that they may be pregnant.
  6. To avoid contamination of our laboratory facilities, you must shower and change clothing if you’ve visited another laboratory or have been in contact with any animal colonies.
  7. Photography and/or video recording is strictly prohibited.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in any Charles River facility.